No sound, what should I do?

Sometimes, SuperDirt will refuse to boot. You won’t hear anything and Sardine will appear to be working perfectly. There are some steps I recommend to follow while trying to debug that issue:

  • Check if SuperDirt is configured to boot in your sardine config
  • Check that your audio output and microphones are running at the audio sample rate (44100 or 48000hz) on both sides (audio output / input). You can check this using your operating system usual configuration tools. Note that pluging in and out a microphone can change the sampling rate automatically. This is annoying, but so is life!

I still can't hear anything!

  • Sometimes, when you play around with booting and quiting Sardine repeatedly, your computer might start to get confused about who is using some of the network connections or not. You now have zombie connexions blocking the I/O process from running normally. This can also happen simply by opening multiple instances of Sardine on the same computer!
    • kill every instance of Sardine and SuperCollider and the code editors that hosted them.
    • run Server.killAll in a brand-new SuperCollider window.

This should solve the issue. If not, it might be something more serious and is less likely to be an error arising from Sardine itself. As crazy as it might sound, I'm not responsible of all the computer errors :)

  • Use sardine config and tell it not to boot SuperCollider automatically by itself.
  • Open SuperCollider and Sardine side by side. From there:
    • type SuperDirt.start in your SuperCollider window and press Shift + Enter to manually start SuperDirt.
    • boot Sardine as usual, and try to play some sounds using it.

If you are stil unable to play sound then you have a broken install. Join us on the Discord server to get some help fixing the issue.