Simple mathematical functions that can be applied on any number token. They are generally very simple operations that you might find on a digital calculator or on any interface capable of computation:

Function name Arguments Description Return type
sin ...x Sinusoïd function 1 or more Number
cos ...x Cosinus function 1 or more Number
tan ...x Tangent function 1 or more Number
abs ...x Absolute function 1 or more Number
max ...x Maximum function Number
min ...x Minimal function Number
mean ...x Arithmetic mean function Number
scale [], imin, imax, omin, omax Scaling a list from range to range List
quant [], [] Quantize the first list to values in second List
clamp x, y, z Simple clamping function (x between y and z) List or Number

Example of application:

def demo(p=1/4, i=0):
    D('moog:5', lpf='(sin $*2500)', res='(cos $)/2', i=i, legato=0.1)
    D('cp', speed='0+(abs -rand*5)', d=8, i=i)
    again(demo, p=1/8, i=i+1)

These functions are the bread and butter of a good high-speed Sardine pattern. They will allow you to create signal-like value generators (e.g Low frequency oscillators). They are also very nice to use in connjunction with $ or any timed value. You will find many creative ways to use them (especially by combining with arithmetic operators).