Configuration tour

Let's break down what the options in the configuration tool are. To start the configuration tool, please type sardine config in your terminal. A splashscreen will appear and some options will pop up as well!

Show Config

  • Print the configuration file.


  • Reset the configuration file.
    • other files such as the SuperDirt configuration are unnafected.
    • this won't delete your Python buffers or SuperCollider files.


The MIDI menu will allow you to select the default MIDI port used by Sardine. This port will be used to automatically create some targets for you to play with when first starting a session. More ports can be configured manually later on.

  • Automatic: Sardine will try to create the... Sardine virtual port.
    • Only works for MacOS and Linux.
  • Manual: Select a MIDI port from the list.
    • The list is made out of all the MIDI hardware or software ports currently available on your system.
  • Custom (advanced): write the name of your MIDI port directly. Do not use this except for very good reasons!


This menu will allow you to configure the default clock used by Sardine at the start of a session. You can always switch clock later (even when playing!) but you will usually stick to one clock only for the duration of a session.

  • No (internal clock): use the system clock.
    • unsuitable for synchronisation with other users.
  • Yes (external clock): use the external Ableton Link clock.
    • Automatic synchronisation with other players on the local network.
  • You will also be prompted to enter a new default tempo and a default number of beats per measure.


  • Add SuperDirt Handler: do you want to interact with SuperDirt at all?!
    • This is different from booting SuperCollider. SuperDirt is a more specialised engine for audio sampling and managing synthesizers. For newcomers, yes, you want to play with SuperDirt!
  • Boot a SuperCollider instance: should Sardine try to manage SuperCollider by itself?
    • This is a safe option to use for people using MacOS or Linux but can result in problems later on for those using Windows. You will have to boot SuperCollider and SuperDirt manually if you untoggle this option!
  • Use Sardine boot file: should we load our default boot file?
  • Turn on verbose output: Debug printing.
    • Can prove very useful for MacOS and Linux users playing with their configuration.
    • Please turn it off for playing! Printing is expensive in Python!
  • Enter your SuperDirt booth path: leave blank if you don't know what you are doing.


  • This menu will allow you to toggle the web editor by default or not. See the section concerning text editors to know if this is an option you want to consider. Note that this option is untoggled by default.


  • Don't touch it: it's for devs only :)