Sardine has been integrated to Flok, a collaborative text editor for live coding. Using Flok, you can easily share a Sardine session with other musicians and visualists. Flok is not an online version of Sardine. You will still need to install it locally to have sound. However, if you are playing together with some friends in a single room, one only needs to have Sardine installed and active! To use Flok, follow the following instructions:

  • Install Flok on your computer if you want to use the audio backend (Sardine itself)!
  • Go to flok.cc or sardine.doesnotexist and create a new session by following the prompt.
  • Share the session link with your friends. Use the command to connect your REPL to the session.
  • Have fun!

To be 100% sure that everything will work perfectly, please use Firefox. Chrome has been reported not to work well with MacOS.