Post installation

You just installed Sardine. Congratulations. Now let's check if everything is alright. Read and answer each and every of these questions. You will get familiar with the system doing so!

Do you see an error involving Alsa and MIDI?

Two months ago, an error started to appear for Linux users: rtmidi._rtmidi.SystemError: MidiInAlsa::initialize: error creating ALSA sequencer client object.. To fix this error, you will have to manually copy some files to a different location:

  • copy the /usr/lib/alsa-lib/ into usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/alsa-lib and/or usr/lib64/alsa-lib.
  • if this path does not exist, try searching into usr/lib/x86 or similar.

The source of this error is currently unknown and is not Sardine related. Hopefully, it will resolve automatically with future updates of the packages Sardine uses.

Are you running Windows?

  • Windows users: check if SuperCollider is properly detected.

    • if not, boot SuperCollider and Sardine side by side. Check the configuration section and the troubleshot section to learn more about this process.
  • Windows users: do you want to play virtual MIDI instruments (VSTs, etc)?

    • install a tool to create virtual midi ports. Create at least one virtual port.
    • configure Sardine to use it in the MIDI section of sardine config.
    • Linux and MacOS users don't need to do this. The Sardine port is automatically created.

Can you run sardine and sardine web?

  • in your terminal, run sardine first! If you see a splashscreen, everything is fine! :)
  • if you can run sardine web, you have the sardine-web package installed! if not, you must install that package before you can use the command (docs).

Can you run sardine config?

  • in your terminal, run sardine config? If you see the configuration tool appearing, perfect!
  • take some time to familiarise yourself with all the available options! The configuration step is important.

Do you want to turn on SuperCollider?

  • If you want to play audio directly with Sardine, check out the configuration section. Head to the SuperCollider section and turn everything on!

You need a code editor now!

  • Check out the Editor section to choose your favorite editor!