This is a reference for the main components used with Sardine. When you are learning, you won't need to understand everything in each page. But later, these pages will be the go-to source for how things works and what syntax to use.

Some sections cover concepts like temporal recursion. We try to keep the technical jargon to a minimum but sometimes it's important to understand more about how Sardine works.

Components and features covered in Basics:

  • Senders: syntax options for samples, MIDI, Ziffers, etc in both Play and @swim functions.
  • Players: shorthand syntax and the most basic way to create patterns.
  • @swim functions: the fundamental mechanism for organizing patterns.
  • Iterators: used in @swim functions to manage changing values.
  • Period, Divisor, Rate: used for controlling rhythm and repetition.
  • Tempo and playback control