Errors during installation

Sardine is unable to locate SuperCollider

If Sardine is unable to locate SuperCollider, a message will be printed whenever you start sardine. Don't worry! Unfortunately, this error is fairly common on Windows. You should be able to play with Sardine by turning off the autoboot feature from sardine config:

  • run sardine config.
  • enter the SuperCollider section.
  • toggle the first option, untoggle the rest.
  • exit the configuration tool, save your changes.

Once done, use the following steps to start Sardine:

  • start SuperCollider, write SuperDirt.start and press Shift+Enter.
  • start sardine in your terminal.

SuperCollider and Sardine will be able to communicate but you will have to manage the two applications separately!

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ''

This error is fairly common if you install Sardine using the default Python installation that comes with your system. This is likely the case for Linux and MacOS users. This error happens because these pre-installed versions of Python do not come with the setuptools module. You'll have to install it yourself:

  • install setuptools using pip: python -m pip install setuptools
  • install Pyenv to get a clean install of Python.
    • Pyenv is the recommended method to use. It makes managing Python versions easier.