Vim / Neovim


NeoVim (and by extension Vim) is the editor I currently use both on stage, for development, writing my PhD thesis and also to write the docs. Its target audience is mostly developers, old Unix gurus and command-line users. Vim is a modal text editor with multiple modes for editing and jumping around in the source code. It can be extended using plugins and tweaked to your liking. Quite powerful, but it requires some learning to be proficient. The process for working with Sardine from Neovim is pretty straightforward:

  1. install the slime plugin.
    • note that the technique to do so might vary depending on your configuration. I am using Lua to write my configuration. In the past, I had previously used Plug for years without encountering any issue!
  2. split your workspace in two vertical (:vs) or horizontal (:sp) panes.
  3. open up a :terminal in one of them and run fishery.
  4. work in the other one and use C-c C-c (Control+C twice) to send code from one side to the other.
    • slime will probably ask you which job to target, just press enter!

There are other plugins out there doing the exact same thing (probably better): Iron, ToggleTerm.