Everytime you play an audio sample, this sampler will be invoked. It is pretty powerful and it is worth spending some time studying its behavior.

Parameter Brief description Typical range alias
amp Sound volume (linear scaling) 0->x  
gain Sound volume (exponential scaling) 0->1  
freq Pitch around given frequency 0->x  
midinote Pitch around given MIDI note 0-127  
note Pitch around given note ???  
octave Pitch up or down depending on octave number 0->x oct
sound Implicit (first argument of D())    
begin Start position of audio playback 0->1  
end End position of audio playback 0->1  
speed Sample playback, impacts pitch. Negative will play reverse -x->0->x  
accelerate Rising sample playback speed (pitch glissando) -x->0->x accel
cps Implicit (cycles per second, inherited from Tidal)    
loop ???    
delta Unused    
cut Cut other sounds playing on same orbit, start playing 0 or 1  
legato Play sample for the given duration (without cutting others) 0->x leg
pan Pan sound from left to right speaker (by default) 0->1  
orbit Play sound/synth on the given audio effect bus (0 - 11) 0->11  
latency Add a latency to audio playback (in seconds) 0->x  
lag Similar to latency/offset 0->x  
offset Similar to latency/lag 0->x