Why Sardine?

Sardine is a side-project that initially started as an attempt to demonstrate some live coding techniques for my PhD dissertation in musicology at the University of Saint-Etienne / Paris 8 University. Sardine is trying to encompass various programming paradigms and gestures used by live coders: declarative and imperative programming, DSLs for pattern processing, clock synchronisation with other tools, etc. Initially, everything was working according to the plan. And then, the tool started mutating from all sides and it gained its own identity. It is now a new live coding library in need of support :)

Obviously, I'm also trying to develop Sardine for my friends and I. Programming new tools is fun and rewarding! I am playing music with the Cookie Collective in Paris and with the Creative Code Lyon community. I am also very much attached to the values of the TOPLAP collective once was contributing to the documentation of TidalCycles. Live coding is a fun musical practice, that I nowadays consider very much alike playing a different kind of musical instrument!

I learned how to program by live coding music! The next logical step I could see in my learning was to code my own tool so I can share it with others and make people see the incredibly fruitful intersection between code and music. Since I started live coding a few years ago, I always wished to develop my own tool just to see how things work! I am now finding the need to write documentation for my own work.. heh;