Sardine Web


You don't need a text editor to play with Sardine. Just start Sardine with its own text editor by typing sardine web. You can optionally the --port and --host arguments for fine-tuning your local server:

sardine web
sardine web --port 12345
sardine web --host --port 8000

Your web browser will open as a result of typing the command. Our text editor is a web application living in your web browser, generally at https://localhost:8000. The text editor is simple but has a few nice features:

  • multi-pane / multi-buffer editing.
  • access to the Sardine documentation.
  • normal editing mode or Vim mode.
  • quick access to play/pause, etc.
  • console for logging.
  • Shift + enter to eval code
    • note: you need to select code before running it)

The text editor also handles its own set of text files automatically. You can retrieve them inside the Sardine folder (see the appropriate section).

Building the web application yourself

For now, the application must be built manually in able to be used. In the /sardine/client directory, run yarn install and yarn run build to build the text editor. As you might guess, you need to install Yarn and also npm. These are tools used by Javascript developers to build their applications. These commands should only be runned once everytime you install Sardine.