TidalCycles (Vortex)

Vortex is an experimental Python port of TidalCycles that was initially started by Alex McLean, Sylvain Le Beux, Silvani Damián and Raphaël Maurice Forment ( conference paper, other conference paper). It has been developed as an independant program for quite a while but the development stalled in favour of the new Tidal 2.0 and Tidal Strudel. The original repository can be found here.

A Vortex prototype is now available for Sardine, and with it, the deep and robust TidalCycles patterning language. Vortex is transparently added to your session as long as your superdirt_handler is turned on. You have nothing to do or install.

Some work remains to be done to be on par with the base implementation but I am doing what I can to save this great project. I have included and supported the most critical parts of it by embedding it into Sardine.