This section will guide you through the installation of Sardine. Sardine is a multi-layered system:

  • Sardine: the Python parts of the system.
  • SuperCollider (for sound only): optional audio backend.
  • Dependencies: C++ dependencies for MIDI and Ableton Link.
  • Sardine Web: the optional Sardine text editor written in TypeScript.

There is nothing more I can do to help if you are not reading these lines! Please read the instructions and install all the necessary. Sardine will break if you have not carefully prepared your environment. I insist, Please, read the instructions:

  • you probably don't know how your Python is installed.
  • you will most likely miss a dependency if you don't read.
  • you will report broken behavior when really.. it's not!

Installing Sardine can be very easy by following the guide or very hard if you don't take time. Moreover, the nature of this software makes it very hard to package as a single executable. There is no shortcut. Just RTFM.

Once you get it to work, you won't have any trouble at all configuring it and tweaking it to your liking.