The Sardinopedia is a growing and ordered collection of Sardine patterns. They are usually sorted in sections, showcasing various features of the system. Patterns worthy of inclusion in the Sardinopedia must at least have one of the following qualities:

  • they are demonstrative: they highlight a particular feature.

  • they are didactic: they teach you how to use Sardine.

  • they are musical: they have an interesting musical result.

  • they are odd: they show something odd, unexpected, funny, etc...

Some sections can be really verbose. They will contain explanations about usage of the system. As such, the Sardinopedia is your main source of documentation concerning Sardine. This documentation is entirely written by the community. Feel free to contribute by altering what is found in the docs/ folder and to add whatever you see fit! There are some areas where the Sardinopedia is a bit lacking!