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Why Sardine?

Sardine is a side-project initially conceived as a demonstration tool made for my PhD dissertation in musicology at the University of Saint-Etienne / Paris 8 University. Sardine is trying to encompass various programming paradigms and techniques used by live coders: declarative and imperative programming, DSLs for pattern processing, clock synchronisation with other tools, live cybernetic performances, etc...

Obviously, I'm also trying to develop Sardine for my own usage and for my friends. Programming new tools is fun and rewarding! I am playing music with the Cookie Collective in Paris and with the Creative Code Lyon community. I am a member of TOPLAP and documentation contributor to TidalCycles.

I learned programming by live coding music. The next logical step is now to code my own tool so I can share it with others and make people see the incredibly fruitful intersection between code and music. Since I started live coding a few years ago, I always wished to develop my own tool just to see how things work!


Contributions of any sort are really welcome! I am not a professional developer and am just trying to do my best with Sardine! I might code things in a weird / unefficient way. Everything takes place on the main GitHub repo, website and Python package. Don't be afraid of proposing big breaking changes, I'm here for the fun!